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    Shenzhen Teneth Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of sign-making products, and is one of the earliest enterprises which engaged in the 32bit system R&D. Our products and services have been recognized and has secured a number of high rankings around the world. The products has been sold to all over China, and far to Occident, Europe ,America Middle East, Southeast Asia etc countries and regions. With high-quality products and perfect service to customers, we gained the crown "China Advertising Equipment preferred equipment suppliers".We value the power of cooperative team work, we take "Quality & Honesty" as our belief, and “Being the Best Global Supplier of Cutting and Plotting Solution” as our goal. We are aspiring after the permanent running of our business, producing high quality products, and building the world famous brand of "Teneth". We also dedicate to creating value for customers, satisfying their requirements and remaining a cutting-edge provider with producing reliable and innovative technologically advanced products Moving forward, Teneth is committed to addressing the challenges faced by the sign making industry to remain a world-class company that both leads and inspires.




企业精神:高效 创新 协作 进步


    Go into the new century , Achieve a new leap .Our company was founded in 2009. In the four years, had difficult life from none to own , from small to large. Our team is young and vigorous, most of the staffs in higher education and all kinds of titles; people-oriented corporate culture rich variety of activities.After few years Tenaciously and Hard-working , Shenzhen Teneth Technology Co.,Ltd. is inlarged to hundreds of staffs from about 10 staffs when was found in the first few years ; To own thousands of square meters modern factory workshop and exclusive offices from none ; The sales amount is increased 7 septuple to more than USD12,000,000 in the year 2011 from about USD300,000 in the year 2009;Our company has many product series ,many different outlooks of professional Cutting plotter ,Multi functional cutting machine , Laser cutting and engraving machine , Protray machine and so on all are our own brand :TENETH , nearly about more than 30 kinds products , when there was only one kind product researched and brand owned by us in the year 2009;The customers and exported market extended to more than 50 countries and areas , when there were only Southeast Asia and HongKong so several countries and areas ; and we have agents in every cities in China domestic market now . 。




企业精神:高效 创新 协作 进步




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